Value services

Securely transport and store
your valuables

Transporting valuable items causes you immense stress. Why add that kind of pressure to your tight schedule, when another option exists?

Release yourself from all the customs procedures and all the insurance that this kind of high-risk operation entails.

You can rely on our team of experts to transfer items of value successfully. Their expertise when it comes to this type of assignment, including various categories of goods and the relevant laws, means that you can enjoy peace of mind.

Whether your items are priceless or have sentimental value, you'll enjoy exceptional service with a focus on security and confidentiality.

We keep your valuables safe from both intentional and accidental harm.

Transporting your valuables

has never been

this easy and stress-free.

Value services

Valuables and Events

You are planning an event that has a priceless item as its centerpiece. With so many guests all around, the risks are undeniable. You can't rule out the possibility of theft or damage.

You need assurance that the item's transportation and on-site preservation will be carefully guarded at every moment.

Our team of experts provides everything you need. Discretion: You won't even notice our specialists are there. Confidentiality: You don't want everyone knowing where and how you transport your valuables. Security: AGENCY personnel are trained to plan and execute specialized assignments like yours.

Transportation and preservation of your most valuable items, with no surprises. All thanks to our unparalleled service.

Whatever you need

whenever you need it

Value services

Deploy your material
and human resources anywhere

Do you need to transport valuables all over the world? Customs laws and procedures are often quite complicated and vary from country to country.

In addition, your insurance company can have very strict requirements about the security of your valuables. Debuting a new collection at Fashion Week in Paris or New York?

Protect it from unpleasant surprises by entrusting it to AGENCY. Are you moving from Cannes or Tokyo and you need to get your valuables to your new home in Monaco? AGENCY plans and executes your move to keep your valuables safe from harm.

Whether it's a domestic move within France or an international relocation, your team of experts at AGENCY will always have a hassle-free plan to suggest.