Private services

Your business travel experience that lives up to your expectations

Think back, what happened the last time you didn't plan your long-distance transportation in advance?

Chauffeurs who are indiscreet, or even rude, are all too common. They barely make any effort to stay on schedule, and waiting for your vehicle really tests your patience.

Discover our customized luxury transportation service to ensure your business trips are perfectly organized to the last detail.

Finally: a business travel experience that lives up to your expectations.

Keep the first-class experience going with your AGENCY airport transfer.

Private services

Experience Your Dream Vacation with Car Service

Experience Your Dream Vacation with Car Service

Vacations can too easily be ruined by complicated transportation arrangements. Fortunately, your AGENCY chauffeur is perfectly familiar with the corner of paradise you wish to visit, and has the perfect vehicle for the occasion.

Our luxury transportation options are available to you whenever you need or want them.

Day or night, you'll always have the opportunity to do what you want.

When you want–even if it's transfer service to a yacht or private jet.

Enjoy your vacation

to the fullest

Private services

For your special events:
Expect nothing less than à la carte transportation.

What matters most to you when you arrive at a fashion show, special event, or shopping destination?

You need to get ready and manage your schedule, purchases, and transportation.

Your image is at stake every time you go out, and it's causing you more and more stress. To make the perfect entrance, you can't afford to hire just any car and driver.

In order to preserve your lifestyle and your privacy, our team of experts at AGENCY accounts for all your needs and wants when it comes to transportation and beyond.

That way, you can enjoy all the pleasures of your everyday events, using luxury transportation. .

Our exceptional services are available

wherever and whenever you need them

Private services

Luxury Transportation = Complex Logistics

Each and every AGENCY project begins with the wants and needs of our luxury clientele, like you. Whatever the specifics of your request, we provide private passenger or armored vehicles with AGENCY chauffeurs, ensuring unparalleled comfort.

Our teams of experts routinely analyze the risks and the terrain in order to avoid any sources of inconvenience. Our experienced, private chauffeurs adapt to your needs in order to ensure your privacy and security.

Our luxury car hire team offers precisely the discreet, comforting presence you need, no matter the circumstances.

AGENCY is available worldwide, even for airport, yacht, or private jet transfers.

Choose any city–Paris, Cannes, Geneva, Barcelona, Tokyo, New York, and more–and we'll be there for you.

Set the upscale tone for your luxury event.

Explore a world

of opportunities

Explore a world

of opportunities