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Your Events, Without a Hitch

As you well know, organizing a prestigious event is a marathon, even for an event planning agency.

All the attention you've given and all your investment in the process will be for naught if your teams, participants, and guests aren't able to make it.

How can you be sure that last-minute problems won't spoil the fun?

You need specialized, luxury transportation logistics and a fleet of vehicles with experienced professional drivers. That way, no last-minute issues or needs will keep your event from running smoothly. Interested in adding a new dimension to your events with AGENCY?

Discover the luxury of real-time transportation coordination for your VIPs or teams. This gives you the power to manage unforeseen circumstances... or even to preempt them.

Set the upscale tone for your luxury event from the moment our chauffeurs pick up your guests.


luxury transportation

to set your events apart


luxury transportation

to set your events apart

Corporate services

Vehicle Fleet:
The AGENCY Experience, Customized

Are you responsible for 50, 100, or even 200 people? With AGENCY, you'll have greater ease and flexibility than ever before, thanks to our customized, chauffeur-driven vehicle fleets. We make it effortless to bring your wealthy clients to the site of your fashion show, exhibition, seminar, or any type of event.

Wherever you are in the world, you have access to as many suitable vehicles as you need.

With AGENCY, you no longer need to spend time on tedious searches for experienced drivers, insurance, or rental cars.

Everyone will be able to see that your events are truly high-class affairs. You'll fulfill the most exacting requirements of your distinguished guests, official delegations, and your most meticulous clients, no matter the circumstances.

Transport a crowd

any way you wish

Corporate services

Plan Ahead for Contingencies
with AGENCY Dispatch

You have planned every detail of your event. Everyone's participation, and every moment of the event, depends on absolute adherence to your plan.

In spite of that, you have a contingency management plan. If only you could monitor the transportation of each of your prestigious guests in real time.

Our dispatch service lets you do just that: monitor individuals' transportation in real time, on a case-by-case basis. Are your guests having last-minute problems or unanticipated needs? Our dispatcher will find a solution. With AGENCY Dispatch, you'll never again be caught off guard.

Remember to take advantage of our Value Services to protect the items that are the highlight of your show.

Dispatch couldn't be simpler

Corporate services

Corporate Transportation
for Your Most Valued Clients

Transport your special guests with an on-demand vehicle fleet, no matter where you are.

An event in Cannes one day, followed by a New York City event the next? We're with you wherever you go, internationally as well as in France.

Our highly trained, specialized luxury vehicle chauffeurs are authorized to drive anywhere in the world. No matter where you need our exceptional services, we'll be by your side, offering comfort and a touch of prestige to your guests' or delegates' transportation.

Just like the haute couture houses, modeling agencies, and many players in the high- end convention business already do.

Ensure that supermodels and famous actors make the perfect entrance at your red- carpet events in Paris, Tokyo, New York, Monte Carlo, the Côte d'Azur, and more.

Have the world

at your fingertips