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Mankind and horse have been brought closer throughout
8000 years of history and myths.

As our first mean of transportation, this beautiful and
strong animal proved to be an incomparable partner to conquer the

For Agency, the horse embodies throughout its image, the
perfect mix of loyalty, reliability and

So much more than car service:
We meet your most exacting requirements!

Do you know what all our clients here at AGENCY–individuals and companies alike–have in common?

When you travel, you leave nothing to chance.
When I plan a trip for you, I know that you're placing your faith in me... but that's not all.

You entrust your safety, peace of mind, and privacy to me.
No matter where in the world you find yourself, I make your travel simple, safe, and discreet.
It's as though all you have to do is leave home, and before you know it, you're at your destination.

My skills: deep familiarity with the luxury sector, logistics and coordination. A close relationship with select partners and a true passion for my work.
My mission: Take all the pressure off of you. How?
My team and I handle all the planning and management of your travel for you.

My name is Charline,
As an AGENCY project manager,
I make your high standards my own.
Corporate services
Corporate services

01Corporate services

We anticipate your needs

Even for an event planning agency, every moment and every last detail are part of your event's complex, interlocking gears.

What happens to that precise machinery when your guests, partners, or journalists run into transportation issues ?

Free yourself of these last-minute needs and problems.

Rely on our AGENCY dispatchers to coordinate your plans and anticipate your needs.
You'll have access to one of our perfectly coordinated, responsive fleets of chauffeur-driven vehicles.

Even celebrities will be dazzled by the Swiss-clockwork precision of your event organization.

We anticipate your needs

Private services
Private services

02Private services

We live up to your standards

You land at the airport. Without a car, you have just two options:
Hail a taxi or play the app game and hope for the best.

We provide a private chauffeur and a top-of-the-line vehicle for your entire stay.
Day or night, you can come and go at your own pace, however and wherever you wish.

Your discerning standards and absolute privacy are at the core of AGENCY's personalized private services.

We live up to your standards

Value services
Value services

03Value services

Security above all else

We've all seen Hollywood movies about burglaries or hold-ups when items of great value are in transit.

How can you protect yourself from that possibility, handle the complex logistics involved, and enjoy peace of mind?

You need our team of security experts, specialized in providing protection for high-end transfers.

That way, you can be certain that the legal and security aspects of the assignment will be handled properly.

Never again leave the preservation or transportation of your valuables to chance.

Provide the very best for your valuables

A World of Luxury at Your Fingertips

Corporate or private events have you traveling far and wide.
Following up the Cannes Film Festival with Fashion Week in Paris?

You can count on us.

Attending a major event in Monaco, Saint Tropez, or Geneva?
We'll get you there in style.

The French Riviera is the top destination to indulge in absolute luxury.
And AGENCY's skills and expertise are rooted in the Côte d'Azur.

So you know we'll have you covered no matter where you are in the world.
We'll take you anywhere you want to be like Geneva, Cannes, Barcelona, Shanghai, New York City...

Our References :
Confidentiality comes first.

You'd like more information about our references. That's only natural.

However, just like you, the top names in watchmaking, fashion, international consulting, and top-flight event planning agencies put a premium on confidentiality.

We can't reveal their identity to you because their trust, just like yours, is the most valuable treasure that we protect.

“Details make perfection,
and perfection is not a detail.”

Leonardo Da Vinci